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The Weleda Top 10 – A beautician’s best of the best

Who knows the range better than a Weleda beautician. I asked Míša what her top products are.

Knowing what products are right for us can be challenging stuff. That’s why I thought I’d go straight to the expert – Míša, a Weleda beautician at the Prague Weleda salon and shop and ask her what are her top 10 products and why.

A big thank you to Misa for her simple tips.

“Weleda is certified natural cosmetics that cares for the skin without burdening it. Because it’s made from plants, it allows the skin to breathe freely and does not clog the pores, it does not contain mineral oils and respects the environment.” Míša – Weleda beautician

Míša‘s Top 10

“To build the suspense I’ll do the beauty countdown to my number one product.” Míša – Weleda beautician

10) After sun milk

To get started, I love the After Sun Milk after sunbathing. It’s a hot new feature in our Weleda assortment. I adore its refreshing smell! It reminds me of summer and holiday time. It has Aloe Vera which calms the skin after sunbathing while moisturizing it too. Aloe Vera has a healing and soothing effect.

9) Citrus Deodorant Roll On (24 hour)

This is an ideal helper on these warm days. It does not contain aluminum and does not clog the pores. It has a beautiful citrus refreshing scent and I love that it can be used immediately after waxing or shaving because it does not irritate the skin.

8) Tinted Lip Balms

Weleda launched the new range of Tinted Lip Balms last spring, they come in three shades. I fell in love with the shade of Berry Red. It will beautifully underline the natural shade of my lips. At the same time it nourishes and protects thanks to the shea butter, jojoba and olive oil.

7) Birch Body Scrub

I started preparing for swimsuit season with Weleda birch products, they contain birch leaf extract. It detoxes and cleans the body with flavonoids. Our birch care comes from our local Weleda fair trade projects in Southern Bohemia.

Birch Body Scrub can be used every day. It has fine bees wax particles are gradually released on the skin and remove only the unwanted, dead layer of the skin. Thanks to its rich composition, it nourishes the skin immediately after showering and prepares the skin for the next step – number 6!

6) Birch Cellulite Oil

I like this Birch Oil not only for firming cellulite but also for strengthening the skin. Because it contains wheat germ oil that repairs collagen fibers and an extract of the splinter leaf, which acts diuretically and eliminates swelling. When these ingredients combine with rosemary they stimulate our metabolism. This care is very effective, and I’m more than happy to use the products that the Czech Republic has been involved with.

5) Almond Moisturizer

In winter and spring I like to use the Almond Moisturizer. During this period my skin is very sensitive, it needs to calm down and hydrate. If you have this problem year-round, I recommend using Almond Moisturizer in both the morning and in the evening. It will calm down the skin and give it nourishment thanks to Almond Oil in BIO quality. Ideally, if you start with natural cosmetics and switch from conventional cosmetics, I recommend starting with this product. It is very gentle, has a fine almond natural scent and does not contain essential oils.

4) Almond Facial Oil

I love this product to remove my eye makeup. With just a few droplets on a moistened cotton swab it gently removes the makeup from the eye area while nourishing the skin. This oil contains BIO almond oil and a sour cream extract that has long been known to sooth the skin. I recommend using the oil alone on moistened skin or adding a few drops to your favorite care.

3) Skin Food

Skin Food is a must have product! It’s a universal cream that has a been on the market for over 90 years. Thanks to marigold, chamomile and viola it hydrates, soothes and nourishes even the driest skin. Skin Food can be used in several ways, such as care for dry and cracked skin. Or, like a nourishing skin mask, a base under make-up, a brightener, hand and foot care. It instantly provides super-powered nutrition on the skin.

2) Pomegranate Firming Facial Serum

When I want to give my skin a real nutrition and vitamin hit, I use Pomegranate Firming Facial Serum. I use it morning and evening under the night cream or with a few drops of Almond Facial Oil. This forms an emulsion and I apply it to the cleansed skin in the morning and evening. This leaves the skin beautifully nourished, full of hydration and more energy.

1) Rose Oil Ampules

And here is my number 1! Ta da! These little ampules of goodness contain rosemary BIO oil, which nourishes and brightens the skin. I recommend using it for clean and damp skin in the evening. Ideally as a seven-day course, twice a week for one month or just as needed.

It seems like Misa and I have even more things in common than we thought! A lot of her Top 10 make my best of list too. I can’t live without Almond Oil!

My Top 10

10) Birch Body Oil 
9) Sea Buckthorn Body Wash
8) Wild Rose Night Cream
7) Berry Red Lip
6) Pomegranate Serum
5) Salt Toothpaste
4) Birch Body Scrub
3) Skin Food
2) Foaming Cleanser
1) Almond Facial Oil

What is your favourite Weleda product?

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