The beauty of nature – with cosmetologist Maria Ester

Eco-Luxe DIY facial tips.

Maria Esther – Weleda Argentina Cosmetologist

Weleda cosmetologist Maria Ester’s skin glows with health. From my first glance at this beautiful lady I knew what she knows was talking about. Whatever her skin was having, mine wanted it too.

Maria shared Weleda’s vision of beauty with me.

Weleda strives to create a world where the health and beauty of human beings is continually growing – through nurture and nature.

Beauty to Weleda isn’t about winding back the clock, it’s about supporting the body and the skin through our life stages. You won’t see a magic wand of a Photoshop brush in their brochures telling you about a miracle remedy – it’s science and the power of lead medicinal plants in their products that supports our skin as we pass through various stages of life – preserving and supporting. Not hiding or erasing.

Maria gave me a skin diagnosis

I’m thirty-six years of age. I’m not scared of aging. But that being said, I do want to help nature keep my skin as vital as possible, for as long as possible.

Maria and her skincare colleague Valeria  explained that Weleda skincare products are made using real pure plant oils. These are found in the plants most precious place possible – the seeds. This is where the plant stores the light, warmth and the vitality of the sun. It makes sense right, seeds have to be full of energy and active substances to have any chance of growing in the first place. They are a wonderous source of strength and care for the skin.

‘The skin needs careful maintenance in order to preserve its natural balance and protective properties. You could do no better than to support it with substances you trust.’  Maria Ester

The flower of an Almond tree

It’s what’s not inside that counts.
Weleda’s skin care philosophy is to keep their products as clean as the skin they are care for. 

Weleda products are NATRUE certified, so you don’t just have to take my word that they are all natural. Things that aren’t naturally beautiful to Weleda don’t make it into their products.

  • no parabens
  • no sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLES),
  • no aluminium salts
  • no synthetic fragrances
  • no animal testing
  • no plasticisers (phthalates) in packaging
  • no genetically modified organisms (GMO)
  • no mineral oils

Maria offered me a skin diagnosis and a facial specific to my skins needs.

I never knew I had sensitive skin

With the first wipe of a cotton bud to remove my make-up mask Maria could see that I had sensitive skin that was really dehydrated. My pores were enlarged too. She had plenty to get to work on.

Here’s her tips to get my skin back in balance.

Step 1First we remove the make up with cleanser and tonic using a cotton bud.
Valerina gently removed my make-up with what felt like no effort – lightly pressing my eyes with a cotton bud moistened with Weleda One-Step Cleanser & Toner. This was removed with clean moistened cotton buds.

Turns out I was making mistakes already at step 1. I had skipped a step and was using a cleanser without tonic to remove my make-up. That meant I was scrubbing unnecessarily hard on the delicate eye area which caused my eyes to be really irritated and it can even cause eyelashes to fall out. Lesson learned!

Step 2 – Weleda Soothing Cleansing Lotion
This is especially good for removing stubborn makeup on the eyes and lips.

Soothing facial lotion for sensitive skin

Maria diagnosed my skin as being very sensitive as it reddens easily when make-up is being removed. She recommended using the Almond range for my skin  to help sooth this. It didn’t help that I was scrubbing my face like it was a burnt-on fry pan!

‘You don’t have to squeeze it, just let the cotton absorb the makeup.’ Valerina

More clean moistened cotton buds removed the left over lotion.

Step 3 – Toner time to tune the pores.
Valerina with the patience of a saint gently glided moistened cotton pads over my skin.

Maria very gently told me I have enlarged pores, something I have known forever but never knew what I could do about it. Toner is my new friend apparently as it will help tighten the freshly cleaned skin preventing more dirt and oils from clogging it.

Step 4 – Playing with clay – mud mask time

Application of the clay mask to reduce pores

This Clay Mask is only sold by Weleda in Argentina  but I’m sure you can find something similar in your own home country. It has clay and quartz that provides energy to the skin. The quantity depends on the sensibility of the skin. The mud tunes the pores, removes the oiliness and the imperfections. It also cleans deeply and gives the skin luminosity.

My skin is sensitive as I just found out so the layer Valerina applied was very slight.



Step 5 – Now we wait (15mins)
The clays dries very quickly and Valerina kept spraying my face with a water mist to keep the mask moist.

As if I wasn’t spoilt enough Maria and Valerina used the wait time to give my hands and arms a little spa time too.

They applied the Weleda Cuticle Softener Pen to soften the cuticle and push it backwards and the Nail Care Pen  to nourish the nail.


Step 5 – Be gone clay face!
Then the mask is removed with moistened cotton buds and a second layer of toner or tonic. Thank god, I looked like I had the rock disease from Game of Thrones. The lotion tonic is used as a last step in every treatment because it tones the pores and cleans deeply our skin. It takes a moment or two so check your Instagram for a bit.

Toner tightens the pores and deeply cleans our skin

Facial massage drains the water from the face.

Step 6 – Facial Massage time.
Valerina then added the Wild Rose Lotion with a facial and the neck massage. Maria selected the Wild Rose Range  for me. It’s formulated for women around my age (mid 30’s) because it contains Wild Musk Rose Seed Oil and Damask Rose Petals which helps soften the appearance of fine lines.

In a clinical study conducted by Weleda, participants saw a 15% wrinkle reduction after just 28 days.


Step 6 – The eyes need to relax too
Valenina applied the Wild Rose Contour or Smoothing Eye Cream to relax my eye muscles. It also moistens the area around the eye and brightened the skin. Tick, Tick, tick. When you apply it in circles it smoothes the skin.

Maria shared something I found really interesting- you can also use eye cream on the mouth area and even your lips to hydrate them.

Finding the right skincare for you

We are all individuals so whether we are in our teens or our later years choosing the skincare routine that’s right for you can be really tricky. And what makes it trickier is that our skin changes, generally every seven years and that means our skincare treatments need to too.

When we are teens we tend to struggle with oil and breakouts… everyone goes through that! Then in your 40’s it’s all about firming and regeneration.

The facial result. Thanks so much Maria and Valarina. Cosmetologists from Weleda Argentina

Getting to know the Weleda skincare ranges.

20’s – Weleda Iris Hydrating Range 
20’s peeps… this one might be up your alley. If you’re trying to balance oil issues then how you keep your moisture up without looking like an oil slick is vital. As hormones (god I hate that word) fluctuate so does the oil in your skin. The Weleda Iris Hydrating range is focused on balance and hydration. Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter and Witch Hazel hydrate and plump the skin whilst still feeling fresh and light.

30’s – Weleda Wild Rose Range 
This is the one designed for us 30’s chicks – I mentioned it earlier. We’ve all spotted those fine lines and want to get to work on them quick smart. Wild Musk Rose Seed Oil and Damask Rose Petals help us with that whilst smelling great as a bonus! This range is great for elasticising dehydrated skin and smoothing out your complexion. Made with biodynamic cold pressed Musk Rose Seed Oil and Peach Kernel Oil, this range targets fine lines and puffiness.

40’s – Weleda Pomegranate Firming Range
40s = firming. This range is packed with Pomegranate Seed Oil, these are chocked full of antioxidants which helps skin looks fresher and more youthful. Pomegrante as the active ingredient to stimulate cell regeneration and firm up the skin. The range offers skin an intense moistuer boost and can help with pigmitation and aged spots aswell as the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

5o’s – 60’s – Weleda Evening Primrose Age Revitalising Range
Now it’s nurture and nourish time. Let’s get that luminance back into maturing skin and target deep set wrinkles and laugh lines. Just because you had a good time getting them doesn’t mean you want them to stick around. The range is designed to firm, hydrate and activate cell renewal. The active ingredients are Evening Primrose Oil and unsaturated fatty acids which plumps up the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles.

In a clinical study continued by Weleda, 83% of women reported an increase in smoothness and 74% reported a reduction in deep lines and wrinkles.

70’s – Weleda Calendula Body Lotion
As we age our skin becomes delicate, much like a child’s. The Weleda Calendula range is generally used on newborn babies but that doesn’t mean others can’t make the most of this sensitive and gentle range. The creamy texture leaves skin hydrated and moisturised but doesn’t dry out.

What skin range do you think you are?

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