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The best of Brazil

Today, I am leaving the vibrant country of Brazil. A place as warm as the people themselves. A s I wait at the airport I can’t help but reflect on the week that was, and want to share the experiences that it brought me. Here’s my best of Brazil. Monte Azul – A favela built with opportunity The experience that will stay with me forever is seeing power of community working together to build the São Paulo favela of Monte Azul. I’m not just talking about bricks and mortar… they did that too. But the more important thing that they have built is a community that wants to make sure that all its inhabitants can overcome the odds. I spent the day wandering where it all began with Hully, a volunteer now full-time employee of Monte Azul. She explained to me that a high proportion of the Monte Azul population was unemployed, so the community put them to use, to build natural birthing clinics, woodwork centers, medical centers, libraries, recycling plants, gardens and nature reserves, …

Hi from Lauren

Hi everyone. I’m Lauren, an Australian blogger also known as Micro Adventurist. And I’m the lucky winner of the Weleda Global Garden competition. I’m an endlessly curious blogger, camera in hand, hunting out the most exciting, soul soaring, bite-size adventures in my own backyard of Melbourne and beyond. It’s my mission to help people explore the outdoors, to inspires us all to disconnect the phone, reconnect from nature and escape the ordinary. ‘I can’t wait to your virtual tour guide of the Weleda Global Garden. I’m honoured to be your eyes, ears and hands so you can experience and learn all about a world leading manufacturer of natural and organic skin care and anthroposophic medicines whilst I do.’ I hope you come on the journey with me. Bring the adventure on! Love, Lauren