Respecting women, respecting childbirth through midwifery

Meeting the empowering woman, empowering mother’s-to-be at the ‘Elemental School of Midwife Art’.

I visited the ‘Elemental School of Midwife Art’ set in Florence, Italy. I think it should be called The ‘Empowering School of Midwife Art’ because that’s they do here.

They teach midwifes the skills to empower women who are to become mothers, not just at the time of birth but throughout all stages of their pregnancy and life thereafter.

The team at Elemental School of Midwife Art

You feel that this is a special place from the moment you walk in the door. The beaming, warm, welcoming faces of the staff make you feel instantly calm and secure – it’s been like this since 1996 when the school first opened by founder Verena Schmid.

Verena Schmid was a midwife, author, international teacher with the aim to found a place where midwives could learn to create a world that is more women friendly.

Verena Schmidt was a pioneer in the art of Midwifery

Here, she would teach a different view over women’s sexual passages and help midwives rediscover the art of women centred care, learn the physiology of respected childbirth as well conscious care through all stages of pregnancy and the years after.

When you hear school director Anna Maria Rossetti talk about her you can’t help but feel how special this woman was.

The School is a private post graduate school for midwives who want to enrich their knowledge and keep updates in many different aspects of Midwifery.

School director Anna Maria Rossetti

I had the pleasure of talking with the school director Anna Maria Rossetti, who knows the school like the back of her hand, working here for 15 years and she even studied here herself. Midwife, international teacher and author, she has dedicated her life to the school, being chosen for this role that was once of Verena Schmid by Verena herself in 2016.

The School

Hundreds of Italian and international midwives and professionals have sat in these classrooms since the centre began, attending short and long courses (multiple years) looking to enhance their experience in the continuity of care and to develop their skills in many different issues related to women’s health.

Midwifery is not just about birth… that is just one part of the art.

The school’s mission is to promote Respected Childbirth, Physiology of Birth and a holistic global view of women’s health, human rights and women’s sexual passages.

And the school’s editorial board’s voice is famous too – sharing evidence based midwifery articles through their trimestral journal and other publications.

Thank you so much to the Anna Maria and the team for opening their doors to me and letting me see inside their inspirational world. I wish you all the best with your work, what an incredible job you are all doing.


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