Packing a low-tox beauty bag

Hi Global Gardeners! Only one week to go before take-off… packing time has begun. Let’s get started with what’s going in the beauty bag.
Three months on the road means I need to travel light. Only the beauty ‘best-of’s’ are coming on this trip with me. Luckily my ‘beauty regime’ is a pretty simple and streamlined exercise regardless of travel so cutting down the list wasn’t too daunting a task.

And so…here’s my favourite toxin-free Weleda travel essentials that have made it into the beauty kit.
‘All of these products are free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colourants and raw materials derived from mineral oils. The ones that get a big tick from me are generally concentrated products that you don’t need much of to go a long way. Less packaging, less weight with maximum results are winners in my book.’

What’s in the bag

Birch Body Scrub and Skin Food

Skin Food
The is such an amazing all-rounder… dry skin doesn’t stand a chance against it. I like my products to be multi-purpose so I’ll be using this as an intensive moisturiser, night cream, beauty highlighter and even an ointment for the calluses I’m sure I’ll be getting from working the harvests. What also works a treat for me is the super thick formula of Skin Food. It means you only need the tiniest amount yet it goes such a long way.



Sage Deodorant 
I had been searching for an all-natural deodorant with no aluminium salts that actual works for ages. Using deodorants with aluminium has been making me feel really uncomfortable for years, when it’s applied so closely to your lymph nodes… eeek. But if I’m honest, the thought of visible sweat and smelling badly made me incredibly uncomfortable too. I tried so many and I would become so self-conscious when I could feel the tell-tale clamminess start or worse, when I got home after a day in the office and realised I was a stinky little mess.

I was hopeful but a little sceptical when I started using this product. I only tested it when I wasn’t going too far from home so if it let me down my smelly secret stayed safe with me. Thankfully it didn’t and that’s why it’s in the bag! I love that it’s free from aluminium salts, it is non-aerosol and it uses essential oils not artificial fragrances. I’m not a huge lover of overly sweet smells so the sage scent is right up my alley, I love that it smells really earthy and warm.

Oat Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioner and Nourishing Hair Oil.

Oat Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioner
I dislike the feeling of dirty hair even more than dirty skin. If my hair is greasy I feel as limp as my hair looks. Vain I know, but it’s the truth. Truly toxin-free hair products that actually clean and hydrate your hair are hard to find, especially when your hair is as dry as mine. I love that both of these products are super concentrated so you don’t need a huge amount. And I love that they are silicone free. I use hair dye in my hair so if I have silicone build up in my hair really effects the colour.

Weleda Nourishing Hair Oil
My hair is super dry so hair oil is a must for me. I love that I can add a few drops to my wet hair and then not even worry about having to blow dry it. Anything that saves me twenty minutes in the morning has earnt its place in the beauty bag.

Weleda Birch Scrub
Travelling with soap bars is never easy, they ooze and make mess everywhere. Gross. I’m a big fan of travelling with shower gels and scrubs instead. The thing that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about the Birch Scrub is that it uses beeswax instead of micro beads to give you that exfoliation that we all love without putting tiny bits of plastic into our oceans. As a water baby the effects of micro beads on our sea life really hurts my soul. Regardless of what scrub you use… please, please, please don’t choose one with micro beads.

Good things come in threes.

Weleda Soothing Cleansing LotionI don’t like the feeling of grimy skin at all. Being able to wipe away the grease of the day feels amazing. I love that you don’t need to wash this cleanser off with water, just a damp towel or cotton bud. This is perfect for me with all the plane travel I will be doing. A clean face makes me feel refreshed or ready for sleep instantly. I love that this cleanser works a treat as a gentle make-up remover too. As I said before I love products that are multi-purpose, from a packing point of view but also a time saving one too. A good beauty hack that I love with this product is to mix it with salt or sugar from your hotel room and you can use it as a bit of a facial scrub… multipurpose. Tick, tick, tick!

Pomegranate Firming Day Cream
A product that firms up my skin whilst hydrating it and being a great base for my make-up is a must have in my beauty bag. It’s a day cream that acts like a primer… sometimes I don’t even feel the need for foundation when I’m wearing it. Sold.

Berry Red Lip Balm
When you can combine beauty and repair in one tiny tube you know you are onto a winner. Tinted lip balm is always in my beauty bag. I also like to dab a little on my cheeks instead of using a blush. It adds a rosy dewy glow without needing an extra product in the beauty bag.

Sage Deodorant and Salt Toothpaste

Weleda Salt Toothpaste
I must admit, trading in minty fresh toothpastes for a salt alternative was a bit of a shock to the system but now I’m a total convert. I love the abrasive texture of the salt, it really feels like it’s getting in all the hard to reach bits for a really good clean. And now when I try a minty tasting toothpaste it tastes so artificial, it’s funny how quickly you adapt to new things.

So, that’s what’s in my beauty bag. What’s are the low-tox beauty essentials that you can’t travel without?


  1. Katja says

    I take Skin Food with me wherever I go and it’s especially great on the plane as a moisturiser for face, hands and even lips. Enjoy your travels!

    • Lauren Doolan says

      Me too! It makes you feel better instantly, especially on a plane. I haven’t tried it as a lip balm, will have to give it a go.

      • Jenny Horsley says

        I have mature skin and I use it as a pre treatment when apply lipstick, works incredibly well, I was very happy when I found it as I’d been searching for something similar for ages.

      • Lauren Doolan says

        Love it when you find your beauty version of ‘The one’. Well worth the search in the end.

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