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Our skin needs food too

What we put on our skin should be good enough to eat. With our skin being the largest organ of our bodies and since it absorbs whatever you put on it – why should it be any different?

A recent study shows that over 90% of people find it just as important to know what you put on your skin as what you eat. This is great news that we are thinking this way.

Why? Because…

A study for the American Journal of Public Health looked at the skin’s absorption rate of chemicals found in drinking water. They showed that it absorbed 64% of contaminants. Other research projects found the face to be several times more absorbent than larger, boarder body areas and that the underarms and genitalia were the most absorbent of all – taking in 100% of chemicals. Scary stuff.

Skin Food Facials with my Global Garden sister, Phoebe.

My Global Garden sister, Phoebe and I were lucky enough to be treated to a Skin Food Facial and hand massage by the team at Weleda UK.

Phoebe with Annette, Weleda UK Wellness Adviser teaching us about nutrition for our skin

Evelyn, Homeopathic Pharmacist and Head of Training at WELEDA UK and Annette, Weleda Wellbeing Advisor are the perfect people the explain why our skin needs just as many nutrients as our bodies. And then also show us first-hand how different our own skin looks after a healthy feast.

Skin Food facials at the ready

Whilst Annette and Evelyn compressed, cleaned, massaged and masked our skin we got to hear about the lead ingredient in our facial – the famous Skin Food.

Evelyn, Homeopathic Pharmacist and Head of Training at WELEDA UK


“Weleda Skin Food is your ultimate multi-purpose product, your ultimate ‘desert island’ item.” Evelyn – Homeopathic Pharmacist and Head of Training at WELEDA UK

Skin Food is a totally natural, replenishing cream that was developed in 1926 that is still going strong today. It’s a super nourishing balm that soothes and comforts the skin no matter what we throw at it – lack of sleep, poor diet, pollution, stress, travel, dehydration, sun and weather… the works! Sounds like me!

Our skin was cleansed, massaged and masked.

Facial massage is just as important as the products you use

Skin Food can be used as a hydrating mask

“It is very important to use the right products really work with your skin. And Skin Food in itself is just so versatile. It’s good for your hair, split ends, your feet, defining your eyebrows, moistening your elbows, softening your heels, a moisturizer for your face, a primer for makeup and everything else in between. It’s a product you can use from Top-To-Toe.” Annette – Wellbeing Advisor Weleda UK

Weleda products are 100% certified, made from natural ingredients. They are all pretty much good enough to eat.

Skin Food contains active plant ingredients from calendula, chamomile, rosemary and lavender with natural plant oils and waxes chosen for their richness and gentleness too. All these plants are medicinal herbs but the fact that Skin Food isn’t a medicine doesn’t mean that these ingredients don’t help bring your skin back into balance.

Weleda is used by make up artists during London Fashion Week

The fragrances are as natural as the products, made from pure essential oils including sweet orange and lavandulae, so artificial preservatives or parabens are not needed.

Luckily for me, this revitalising facial has been developed restore radiance – after two months on the road and over 15 flights I need some help with this!

“It makes you look alive when you’re feeling a little bit dead on the inside – if you’ve been travelling too much or partying too hard, it just really perks you up.” Evelyn

Jet setting beauties that love Skin Food are:

  • Adele
  • Victoria Beckham
  • Rihanna
  • Julia Roberts
  • Brooke Shields
  • Winona Ryder
  • Priyanka Chopra

Phoebe’s ‘after facial’ feedback.

“It was so good so many smells all my senses were alert. My skin was just drinking it in the Skin Food. I just felt really clean and really nurtured. I just feel really well.”

Phoebe’s ‘after’ glow

My ‘after facial’ feedback

“I have just had my Skin Food facial. I fell asleep about three or four times but my skin really feels awake. Skin Food feels really fresh and I can feel it invigorate my skin and wake it up. I cannot say the same for me! My skin looks a hell of a lot better in such a short amount of time. Like Phoebe, my skin drank up the Skin Food. It feels plumper, dewier.. I actually can’t stop touching it!”

Models love Skin Food too

The London Fashion Week models swear by Skin Food. It’s a backstage beauty essential at The British Fashion Council’s ‘Model Zone’ where off duty models rest, relax and refresh between fittings and shows during their gruelling London Fashion Week schedule.

Skin Food helps repair models skin during London Fashion Week

“It’s a paparazzi free zone where models can get a little bit of pampering and get looked after. They recharge themselves, their recharge their phones, we feed them, we give the massages. A lot of the London Fashion Week makeup artists use Skin Food to help repair the models skin after so much makeup on – makeup off. They use it to repair them a little bit.” Evelyn

A favourite of make up artists

Have you tried Skin Food? What is your favourite way to use it?

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    I think, Skin Food are the natural cosmetics for me. I am a big fan from Weleda since many years.

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