New Zealand

New things. New Zealand.

This week I jumped over the side fence to hang out with the Weleda team in New Zealand. Whilst Aussies and Kiwi’s are neighbours, the Weleda experiences couldn’t have been more different.

My week in Havelock North, Napier saw me getting my hands dirty in the Weleda biodynamic gardens.

The same gardens where 80% of the active ingredients in their anthroposophical medicines are sourced. I also got hands-on in the lab seeing how the vitality of the garden produce gets potentized into tinctures then into the Weleda products themselves.

Since I have started on the Global Garden journey my head hasn’t stopped spinning – so many exciting things are happening and I don’t want to miss a moment. After this week I’m feeling much more grounded, maybe having my hands in the soil has helped bring me back to earth.

Here’s some of the ways I got my hands dirty

  • The Global Garden sisterhood reunion has started. Simone Anderson, New Zealand’s inspirational finalist came to visit me in Hawke’s Bay. We had the honour of planting one of sixty trees to celebrate Weleda’s 60 years in New Zealand.
  • Making ‘Horn Manure with gardener David.
  • Working in the lab to potentize the tinctures that will go into the anthroposophic medicines. These the ingredients get plucked from the garden, processed on site then put straight on the shelf in the onsite pharmacy – the first anthroposophic pharmacy in New Zealand.
  • Learning how important the human element is in Weleda products from farm processes, to potentizing even to packaging.

The new things I learnt are…

Keeping things in balance.

As I said up earlier, the Global Garden journey is giving me so many thought provoking  experiences – So much to see, so much to share. I couldn’t sleep I was so excited.

Nature helping nature

But I learnt a very valuable lesson from Rudolf Steiner
– we must keep things in balance.

Luckily, the Weleda Anthroposophic Pharmacy have been making natural, anthroposophical medicines since 1955. The resident pharmacist quickly sorted me out with the Anthroposophical medicine for my ‘busy brain’ – Sleep and Relax Drops. Just one of over 2000 natural medicines in the Weleda pharmacy.

The first night I tried them I had an uninterrupted sleep for 8 hours. Previously I was getting 4 if I was lucky.

That new friends can feel like old friends.

The moment I was announced that I was the winner of the Weleda Global Garden competition I said that I would love to pack all the other 15 finalists in my bag and bring them with me.

Turns out I can. Along the journey you’ll be meeting a lot of the other sisters but this week it was reunion time with Simone, my BFF in Germany.

We only shared five days together during the Global Gardens workshops in Schwäbisch Gmünd last year but she’s a buddy for life now. There was lots of reminiscing about our time in Germany, a maybe a wine or two. We are in New Zealand’s famous wine region, it would be rude not too!

If you would like to know more about how Simone and I got to be Global Garden finalists this

Simone and I planting 1 of 60 trees

blog explains the process and how got to be amongst the lucky ones.

We just picked up right where we left off, like no time or distance came between us. You know you’ve found a good buddy when things naturally flow like that.

But amongst all that chitter chatter – (so much to catch up on!) we were given the honour of planting one of 60 native Pittosporum trees to celebrate the 60 years since Weleda first laying down their biodynamic roots in New Zealand soil 60 year ago. I’ll be looking forward to getting updates on how it’s going. With it being looked after by the gardening team at Weleda NZ, I feel it’s in safe hands. Safer than mine at least!

Is Process 500 of ‘Horn Manure’ a load of bull.

David, a gardener at Weleda New Zealand and super nice guy showed me the process making ‘Horn manure’ or ‘Process 500’ so I could make up my own mind.
Biodynamic soil is prepared by creating ‘Horn Manure’. Made fresh from cow manure, immersed into a cow horn in nutrient rich soil from Autumn to Spring. It works to activate the soil, bringing the vital sources of sun and life to the earth.

It’s like a homeopathic potentizing process and a lot of its qualities and essence are spread over the whole land. David. Gardener Weleda NZ

Here’s more details on the Process 500 making process so you can make up your own my mind. My thoughts are on there too, not that I want to influence you in any way! I’m no expert remember.

Nature’s has its own pharmacy

To be honest, prior to Weleda my knowledge on natural medicine was limited, and that’s a  generous way of putting it.

What’s I like about learning about anthroposophic medicine is that it’s nature helping nature.

Getting by ‘Busy Brain’ all natural fixer

And I like also, that it’s up to you as an individual how it best works for you. You might use it to keep the body in balance to support it and prevent it from getting sick. Or you might use it as a chemical free way of treating ailments or as a complimentary medicine to your existing needs.

I liked that it’s a holistic approach to health however you choose to apply it to yourself.

Anthroposophic medicine integrates conventional medicine with the scientific and spiritual intention of healing the body, soul and spirit.

What I have learnt from using the Sleep and Relax drops from the Weleda Pharmacy to help with my ‘busy brain’ is to support my body before it gets out of balance, before the symptom shows. And if it does to give nature the chance to the support it needs to restore itself.

The human element

Stenton is Weleda’s longest serving employee.

In an era when robots and automation is replacing humans at the race of knots, I was pleasantly surprised to see how many hands the Weleda products go through from the seed to the shelf. From the farmers to the protentizers to the packers to the distributors, so much is done by hand.

To Weleda, it’s so important who’s hand touch the product. When. Why. And also what is the energy they are experiencing at the time. For the processes of making horn manure and tenture potentizing (mixing the essence of the lead plant with the dilatation liquid) the mind state of the person handling the product is vital. Their energy actually effects the end product. When we are talking about making natural medicines, only good stuff is allowed in and that means energy too.

New Zealand shared lots of new things with me. I definitely feel like I’m growing as much as the gardens are right now. I hope you learnt something too!

If there is a topic you would like to chat about further shoot me a comment below.