Meet the Weleda Global Garden winner

Hi everyone. I’m Lauren Doolan, a Australian blogger also known as Micro Adventurist. Nice to meet you all.

On weekdays I work as a Creative Director, on weekends on my blog and social channels @Micro_Adventurist. Not that it feels like work. 

I’m an endlessly curious blogger, camera in hand, hunting out the most exciting, soul soaring, bite-size adventures in my own backyard of Melbourne and beyond. It’s my mission to discover the best weekend wanders that inspires us all to disconnect the phone, reconnect from nature and escape the ordinary.

So, what is a Micro Adventure you ask?

It’s a simple, affordable, adrenalin pumping adventure anyone can take over a weekend, a day, even an afternoon, rather than waiting for a two week block of holidays.

‘We don’t work hard all week to sit on the couch, right!’

Linda Ellis’ poem, ‘The Dash’ had a big impact on me. It’s about how we start and end our lives with only a date. That ‘our life’ is distilled down to the tiny little ‘–‘ or ‘Dash’ that connects the two. After reading the poem, I asked myself – ‘Was I living my dash?’ ‘Was that desk the place I wanted to spend seventy hours a week?’ The answer to both questions was no.

The Weleda Global Garden winner

‘I wanted to inspire people, and myself to make simple changes for the better in their lives. To double the time they spend doing things that make their soul soar and halve the time they spend on things that make it sink.’ 

I love any opportunity to help people explore nature.

This is a main reason why I applied for this competition and why I love being a leader of the adventure group, Melbourne Girls Outside. It’s a not-for-profit, girl-tribe connecting adventure-loving women with likeminded outdoorsy types. Together we challenge ourselves with Micro Adventures like hiking, rock climbing and kayaking, with the bonus of making new friends in the process.

The Weleda Global Garden trip of a lifetime is a not-so-micro adventure.  I love the whole concept of the competition. That a company is so sure in their ethics, social conscious and sustainable practices that they are prepared to be 100% transparent, opening their doors and letting the world in. It’s so commendable and inspirational. And rare!

‘I can’t wait to your virtual tour guide of the Weleda Global Garden. I’m honoured to be your eyes, ears and hands so you can experience and learn all about a world leading manufacturer of natural and organic skin care and anthroposophic medicines whilst I do.’

It wasn’t an easy task winning this competition, I can assure you.

The other 15 international finalists are an amazingly inspirational bunch of girls. It never felt like a competition. We used to joke it was more like a sisterhood. I can’t wait to meet my Weleda sisters in their home countries. I can’t wait for you to meet them too.

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  1. Ines says

    I will definately subscribe to follow your adventures and keep to be inspired for mine. Lets light up that candle together. All is love, Ines

  2. Gerlinde Lehr says

    Schade, das ist wohl nur für Englisch sprechende Kunden gedacht !!!

  3. Berg, Claudia says

    Schade leider sind die Seiten nur auf Englich und nicht auf Deutsch…

  4. Rosi8 says

    Hallo, sehr schön. Mein Englisch ist bescheiden. Deshalb Antwort in Deutsch. Vor einigen Jahren hatte ich Gelegenheit das Gooetheanum in Dornach zu besuchen und zu besichtigen. Es hat mich sehr berührt.

  5. How can i follow your adventure? Here or on your blog site. Enjiy every tingling moment of adventure.

  6. Make sure to paint again on your voyage, I loved you video of painting the Weleda poster before you travelled to Germany. You are a very talented artist Lauren! And have fun on the glaciers!

    • Lauren Doolan says

      Thank you so much Margot! I promise to get the pens back out. There might be a little surprise to come for each country. Stay tuned.

      I can’t wait to check out the glaciers, they look so beautiful!

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