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‘Meaningful Coincidences’ and finding your own path.

Unexpected visitors have walked up the Global Garden path.

It’s the first weekend of Global Garden journey and I’m in Waiheke Island in New Zealand. There are no planned activities. No Weleda staff members are with me. I’m free to do as I please. I wasn’t even going to write on this weekend but something synchronistic happened, a ‘meaningful coincidence’ that I couldn’t help myself.

Kashmir Postel and I at Fossil Lodge

Before I tell you about it I feel it’s important for you to know…

The Global Garden journey is my path. What happened wasn’t an organised experience.

  • Yes, generally I am being shown a range of experiences related to Weleda and Steiner ideologies however it is my job to question everything.
  • I am not being told what to do.
  • I am not told what to say.
  • I’m not being edited in any way.
  • I have the freedom to make my own judgments.
  • And create my own beliefs.

‘I am just like you, an everyday person on a path of self-education.’

So now that that’s out of the way.

I’m go-go-go person. But after a big first week of the Global Garden journey I was tired. My soul was saying that I needed quiet. Stillness. Normally I would think I had failed. Had not done justice to this amazing experience and what Waiheke Island deserved. But the weather turned grey so I listened to that tired inner voice. I returned to my beautiful tent at the Fossil Bay Lodge to do something as mundane as my laundry.

No matter what your best laid plans, sometimes life puts you on a different path.

A ‘meaningful coincidence’ happened over a cup of tea

Walking into the kitchen to make a cup of tea before I put a load on, the first thing I saw was the beaming face of a fellow guest*.

*I want to point out that this guest is in no way linked with Global Garden or Weleda.

We started discussing what brought us here, I mentioned the Global Garden journey which led to him mention that he was a former Steiner student (Weleda was founded by Rudolf Steiner – I’ll explain more about that later). Like me, he had no idea there was a Steiner kindergarten at Fossil Bay Lodge when we both booked this accommodation.

Kashmir shares the importance of the olive tree.

I was so enthralled about his insight into Steiner’s workings that my washing didn’t get done for four hours.

Kashmir Postel, a fellow resident at Fossil Bay, eco-minded performance artist and also former Steiner student  joined in the conversation and shared insights of her upbringing with Steiner’s thinking.

‘I love that going off my usual path led me to discover my own, unexpected, independent teachers. It was a 100% organic conversation.’

The synchronicity of this gave me goose-bumps.

I’m only just scraping the surface of Steiner’s philosophies so I won’t enter too much detail until  I get a stronger understanding, this is just the start of the journey. But to give you a little bit of an understanding out his thinking here goes…

Who is Rudolf Steiner?

Steiner (1861 – 1925) was an Austrian philosopher who ideologies created new movements in anthroposophical medicine, education, biodynamic agriculture and the arts.

He attempted to find a fusion between science and spirituality. His philosophical work which he termed “spiritual science”, sought to apply the clarity of thinking characteristic of Western and Eastern philosophy to spiritual questions.

‘Thinking… is no more and no less an organ of perception than the eye or ear. Just as the eye perceives colours and the ear sounds, so thinking perceives ideas.’ Rudolf Steiner

We were discussing that this serendipitous meeting couldn’t be more in-line with Steiner’s ideology to create a movement of free thinking. Steiner advocated a form of ‘ethical individualism’. Free from institutions or religion to promote people using their own ‘ratio’- rationalisation with their own brain. Steiner’s thinking was that we can all find own teachers, question our world to create own understanding or interpretation.

Steiner’s philosophies about anthroposophical medicine and biodynamic agriculture led him to found Weleda.

Steiner and Weleda

The more vital the soil the more vital the plants

Weleda was founded by Rudolf Steiner and Dr Ita Wegman in 1921. Rudolf Steiner created the principles of Biodynamic farming that are so popular today.

‘From the very beginning of the company Weleda has been guided by principles that are in harmony with nature and human beings. At the very core of biodynamics and anthroposophy (the methods utilised in Weleda medicines and body care) is sustainability.’
David Johnson,  CEO Weleda Australia

Whatever Weleda does is about leaving the earth and the people we work with enriched instead of diminished. This is not an added perspective; it is inherent in all activities at all times.

‘Weleda uses only the purest materials sourced through unique partnerships, many of which are fair-trade initiatives, to ensure the highest quality products and help maintain the delicate balance of nature.’ David Johnson

Sometimes you get put on an unexpected path

It was after our chats I entered my own mini ‘Era of Enlightenment’. These musings on finding your own spiritual path couldn’t be more in-line with the Global Garden journey. The very freedoms I have been given on the trip of lifetime are real world ways that Weleda live Steiner’s philosophies from 1921, today.

‘I get goose bumps at the synchronicity of these unexpected teachers stumbling across my Global Garden path because Steiner’s medical, agricultural, educational and artistic philosophies stem from the quest for spiritual self-development.’

I have to explain that these thinkings are ideologies. I would love you to question all the things that I see, share and say, just like I will. We’re in this together remember!

I had to share this experience with you because I love ‘meaningful coincidences’. When has synchronicity crossed your path?


  1. Nici says

    Love your blog posts and this one particularly! I share your number one learning of the weleda competition of being personal and opening up. It’s soo good to get insights on your current development experience. Your writing makes me feel like I would be there with you. Keep going on being personal – this helps us to grow with you. Can’t wait till you get to share your learnings with us in person soon 🙂

    • Lauren Doolan says

      Thank you so much! Will do! I really appreciate your lovely words. There are so many special occassions on this journey but that one gave me goosebumps because of the coincidence!

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