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Green makeup masterclass with eco makeup artist Lou Dartford

60% of anything we put on our skin gets absorbed into our bodies. Cleaning up our beauty bag is as important as our detoxifying our diet.

I was lucky enough to attend the MUA Cleaner Beauty Masterclass with London makeup artists for the launch of Weleda’s new BB creams and Wild Rose facial range.

MUA Cleaner Beauty Masterclass with London makeup artists

I was even luckier still to be the model for eco makeup artist Lou Dartford as she showed the range off to a room full of London based make-up artists by creating a live demonstration of a natural, bridal beauty look on little old me.

30 London make up artists attended the MUA masterclass

Weleda Wellness Advisor, Caroline Burke also spoilt me rotten with a Wild Rose facial whilst she taught the makeup artists about natural skincare.

Weleda Wellness Advisor, Caroline Burke teaches London makeup artists about natural skincare

“I think clean beauty is about being conscious – being aware of what you’re using. Ask yourself…

  • What’s in it
  • Where does it come from?
  • Is it ethical?
  • Do the companies treat people fairly?
  • How does the company care for the planet?
    Weleda Wellness Advisor, Caroline Burke

Lou transitioned her very impressive makeup kit nine years ago to only contain organic, natural goodies. She only uses brands that looks after the environment and look after our skin. Lou’s interest in organic food and natural health made her question;

Lou’s transitioned to a green beauty kit 9 years ago

“I’m putting all of this good stuff into my body, what am I putting on my body.” Lou Dartford Eco Makeup artist

Weleda is used by make up artists at London Fashion Week to ‘put the models back together’ after the shows

In the 9 years Lou has been using a natural kit the technology has improved out of sight.

‘You’ve got to decide for yourself why you want to use more cleaner beauty. Clean beauty is a very big umbrella and lots of brands sit underneath that. It’s up to us to decide what you want to use, what you don’t want to use and why and what you believe in. Then you can find your brands that work for you from there.” Lou Dartford

To create my look Lou used a range of the Weleda products, I’ll take you through the steps.

  • Skin Food was used to as a primer to prepare my skin and allows make up to glide over the top effortlessly.

  • Weleda BB Cream in Nude was dabbed onto my skin using a push or dab style technique with a brush rather that rubbing it into the skin. This creates a more even effect. The BB cream range is very light so this technique allows to build up the base as little further.

  • Weleda BB Cream in Bronze was used to add subtle colour to my cheekbones.

Weleda Berry Red Lip Balm was used to tint my cheeks

  • This was enhanced by Weleda Berry Red Lip Balm being dabbed on the apples of my cheeks too.
  • Lou shaped my browns with a light brown eye brow pencil from Aussie Brank Innika. They are one of the natural beauty veterans.
  • She also used a light rose, iridescent shadow from their range to enhance my eyes without looking like I was wearing shadow.
  • A dab of Weleda Lip Balm in Rose was expertly placed with the tip of an index finder onto the center of my eye lid. This trick brightens the eye and creates a luminosity. Don’t go too heavy though… the makeup artists laughed that sometimes that can look like pink eye!
  • A natural mascara completed the look and I was good to go for my bridal shoot, just needed a dreamboat man and I was good to go!

As my makeup was being applied, Lou explained…

“Enjoy clean beauty. Don’t get stressed. Phase out the products you don’t want to continue using and replace them with cleaner options as you go. Do it bit by bit and you will get there. When you phase your products out one by one you will understand the products more and you’ll understand your skin more too.”

The finished natural bridal look

Just got to find some dreamboat guy to give those love eyes too, haha!

What are your favourite clean beauty products?