Green beauty for beginners

Detoxing the make-up bag

Today is Day One of the Global Garden journey. As if the Cinderella experience couldn’t get any better. I had a personal natural beauty make-up masterclass with the incredibly talented Eco Make-up Artist Liv Lundelius. Learning about the importance of choosing natural skin care and make up whilst mastering an effortless look for my travels. Spoilt much!

I must admit that I have been really uncomfortable not know what I am really putting on my face and my body when it comes to cosmetics, but I felt so daunted about learning right from wrong that I didn’t know where to start. Anyone with me?

Well today, I’m feeling much better. Because as they say, knowledge is power. With knowledge you can make change.

Here’s what I learnt today.

Why change is good.

Eco make-up Master Class

Learn how to read the real truth. 
Unfortunately cosmetic ingredients are widely unregulated. Whilst we all know that just because it says something on the packaging doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. But until we know otherwise sometimes, scarily we do actually believe it. What does tell the truth though is the ingredients. And yes toxic ingredients are allowed into our cosmetics. When we learn to read the label we empower ourselves to make our own choice, not just believe what companies would like us to believe.

Find out how you can avoid beauty nasties 

Applying something toxic can be more damaging that swallowing it.
Skin is our biggest organ and like a giant sponge it absorbs everything we put on it into the body. And even more scarily, the bloodstream. Even more reason to start reading those labels.

Beauty does actually come from the inside
Let’s not lie, make-up does a great job as a pick-er-upper when we are not feeing our best. But long-term results tend to come from when you stick to the things that are good for you… not the quick fixes.

Ok, so now what?

Weleda lip balm – repairs whilst colouring

Let’s be honest, if we felt like we had to throw out everything is our beauty bag right this minute most people would stop reading now. But simply replacing the items that we run out of with eco-friendly options is something we can all do.

Big changes start when we begin to replace those everyday items – our primer, foundation or tinted moisturiser. Then we can get to work on cleaning out those smaller items – our lipsticks and our eyeliners.

‘Do your best until you know better.’ Liv Lundelius

Let the stores do the leg work for you
Whilst research, research, research is the key to finding the right eco products for us, we can speed up the process a little. If we research where to shop, for example at a health shop or a green beauty store instead of a super market we’re a lot more likely to find a low-tox option more easily. And don’t be afraid to ask for samples. Replacing your make up bag can be expensive, you want to know it’s going to work for you, ideally before you buy.

Finding ‘The One’
This is an important one… Liv pleads with us not to give up. If you try a natural product and it isn’t right for you don’t throw in the towel. She says that does take time to finding your dream product – just like in life when you find it, you know it was worth waiting for.

Good news is, she’s done some of the ground work for us. Here’s the products we used today in my green beauty make over.

The Eco Effortless Make Over.

And as I found out today there are many luxurious beauty options that works with and not against your body.

‘I believe that make-up should be fun and that we all deserve to be beautiful and healthy.’ Liv Lundelius.

How we created the look

Using Weleda Skin Food as part of a daily routine 

Weleda Skin Food and Pomegranate Filming Eye Cream

I’ve said how much I love multi-purpose products but Liv showed me so many uses for Skin Food (my fav) that I hadn’t even thought of.

Liv loves it as a primer, an intensive night cream, a natural looking skin highlighter that doesn’t leave you looking as glittery as a disco mirror ball, dry skin rescuer – especially for that pesky nostril area if you’ve been watching The Notebook a few to many times. We started with this as a base and also used it as a highlighter.

Weleda Pomegranate Firming Eye Cream stops make-up falling into those eye creases
Make up is a great tool to help freshen up our faces, but something that works the opposite is when make-up falls heavily into the lines around the eyes. I loved Liv’s tip to use eye cream as a kind of ‘eye primer’, it plumps up the delicate skin around the eyes and stops makeup caking into them.

Ere Perez Oat Milk Foundation (Colour – Chai)
I love a light to medium foundation that gives a dewy, irredescent finish. My every day fav didn’t stack up to well in the eco stakes but I’m more than happy to trade it in for this eco option.

The Oak Milk makes it super hydrating, whilst not being greasy which is a must for me because my T-Zone can give me a little trouble. It doesn’t feel heavy yet it’s long lasting. I’ve found my ‘One’.

Ere Perez Rice Powder Bronzer
As an Aussie girl I love a sun kissed look but it’s definitely never worth the sun damage to achieve it. This duo bronzer allowed me to cheat today and the smooth finish helps keep my little secret.

Ere Perez Carrot Colour Pot
And here I go again about loving multi-purpose products. Today we used this product as both a lip and a cheek colour. I love using moisture rich blushes because it gives that glowy effect we all love. Enriched with avocado and carrot oil it even feels healthy!

Jojoba Eye Pencil (Colour – Earth)
Liv told me today that your eyes can absorb just as many toxins as it would if you swallowed it. Eeek. I’m such a fan of a defined eye so very happy to have a no nasties version in my new but more-so improved beauty bag.

Here’s the results of the makeover at our shoot on Shelly Beach in Manly.

Photo shoot on Manly Beach

Natural make up for the natural look

Check out her blog at Liv Well Blog for the latest reviews, advice and tips on organic beauty. 


  1. Conchita says

    En español no está y no entiendo lo que dice la maquilladora

  2. Julia Lee says

    Thank you for sharing all these knowledges! I will research reaserch reaserch this weekend!
    You are stunning !

  3. Rebecca Harding- McBride says

    Wow! What a great article. Love hearing about natural multi use beauty products 💚 Makes them even more eco-friendly 🍃🖒

    • Lauren Doolan says

      It was a big learning experience for me. I must admit after our session I had a deeper look into my beauty bag and more than a few things haven’t made it any further on this journey with me. I love the quote ‘do your best until you know better’. I’m learning!

  4. Tereza Č. says

    You look stunning, Lauren! I need to improve my makeup bag contents as well – thanks for the tips.

    • Lauren Doolan says

      Thanks so much. I owe it all to Liv’s magic make up wand:) She’s a eco magician.

    • Lauren Doolan says

      Mylo, thank you! Liv did a great job working her magic on me.

  5. Emily says

    Stunning pictures Lauren! Love the advice on transitioning to low-tox makeup as I run out of my current items, makes it much less daunting. Look forward to seeing what you get up to next.

    • Lauren Doolan says

      Thanks so much Emily. ***blush*** Liv is a genius and her whole personal and professional make-up kit is all low-tox, eco friendly products. If you would like more of her tricks and tips check out

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