Freedom to roam

Sweden believes its ‘Everyman’s right’ to enjoy nature.

The ‘freedom to roam’ is the principle, protected by the law, that gives all people the right enjoy their natural environment.

Tyresta National Park

The north is mostly wilderness, foaming rivers, high alpine peaks and plains, while the south is rolling countryside and never-ending beaches. East lies Stockholm with its wondrous archipelago and the west is rocky coastline, islands and giant lakes. No wonder Swedes spend as much time as possible outdoors – most having rustic country cottages to helps them leave the week behind and escape into nature.

Many Swedes have rustic country cottages to escape into nature

Sweden – The land of the free

Sweden is a country built on freedom and openness – the foundation for creating an equal society. Everyone has the right to take part in demonstrations, freedom of speech, free press, the right to challenge those in power as well as the openness to enjoy all areas of nature regardless of ownership.

These healthy-living locals can have a cookout in the quiet forest, sleep on mountaintops, take a dip in the pristine the lakes, take a boat out for a spin or have a kip in the beautiful meadows. Enjoy eating fresh berries straight from nature or meet the local wildlife firsthand – all completely free of charge.

The price you have to pay is respect for nature

Which is totally fair enough, nature made who we are today it only fair we look after it and treat it with little more respect.

In August 1999, about 10% of the Tyresta national park area was consumed in a large fire

The Essense of nature helps us restore our mind, body, spirit

Simply disconnecting the phone and reconnecting with nature has so many health benefits.

Just spending time in nature can have some incredibly positive effects on your health.

We all know how great it feels to have the sun on our faces, the grass between our toes and salt water in our hair. I love that a country is so dedicated to connecting its people with nature that they have made it law so that everyone can live a more natural, mindful lifestyle.

By spending so much time inactive on the couch with Netflix we are actually creating new diseases all the time. The hard bit is that we have convinced ourselves that that’s what we want to do… and it gets harder and harder to switch off the set and pull ourselves up.

When is the last time you felt the grass on your feet, climbed a tree, or bathed in a stream?

Get back to nature, you’ll be rewarded with these health benefits

Just spending time in nature can have some incredibly positive effects on your health.

Clear your mind and get happy

Studies have found a direct link to nature connectedness and happiness. As we connect with nature our mood lifts, our stress levels go down, our mental performance increases as does our energy levels, vitality and overall life satisfaction.

A day trip to a healthy immune system

When we take a trip to the forest we expose ourselves to helpful bacteria that we don’t find as city dwellers. These can aid in fighting chronic fatique, anxiety and depression as well as our immune system.

Physical benefits of living close to nature

Close proximity to nature has been shown to fight obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and asthma.

When we don’t practice distance vision we can causing that function of our eyes to deteriorate.

See the difference

This was news to me – I have discovered that Nearsightedness (AKA myopia) can be caused by our lack of horizons. When we spend our time locked away inside are eyes don’t get to stretch their muscles and practice their distance vision causing that function of our eyes to actually deteriorate.

All Weleda products only contain natural ingredients and are fully biodegradable

Let’s not let nature pay the price for our health

Bathing in the stone covered shores of the archepalego or ice dipping after a sauna is common practice in Sweden. Whilst it might sound like an 80’s commercial to lather yourself up in a pristine lake or under a waterfall – with Weleda products you actually could, not that I’m telling you to do that! As all Weleda products only contain natural ingredients they are fully biodegradable, free of contaminants and microplastics that can damage our waterways or eco system. It’s been this way even since 1921 when Weleda was born – the pioneers in natural care and connecting people to nature.

Disconnect the phone and reconnect with nature

Living our inner nature

I believe it is so important for us all to live our inner nature. My inner nature led me to become a Micro_Adventurist. Whilst I’m the first to admit I’m never going to be a ‘proper’ adventurist scaling mountains, wrangling tigers and surfing tsunamis, I am the first to ditch the desk for the mountains, the beach or anywhere where there’s fresh air, a bit of dirt and a mini adventure to be had.

We don’t work hard all week to sit at home, right!

Thanks for reading, now slowly back away from your phone and go outside!

What’s your favorite way to connect with nature?