Feeding the soul – in Italy

The ancient Romans used aromatic essences to connect religiously and spiritually.

These days, modern day Italians and people world-over use essential oils to open the mind, enhance spiritual connections and invite inspiration.

Scientific research reveals the power of essential oils as an anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, anti-stress, antioxidant, antimicrobial, and analgesic. But this is just the start of their healing qualities beyond the physical.

My beautiful host Valentina provided me with a very special essential oil aromatic experience so I could spiritually connect again after my 3-month journey and to also give me the creative inspiration for my last botanical drawing – a gift I leave in each country after they have opened their doors and lives to me.

Eleonora and I were led in an essential oil workshop by Valentine (right)

To enable the connection Valentina laid out a range of essential oils very cleverly removing the labels so we had to choose with our spirit, not our minds.

The essential oil chooses you.” Valentina said. “They know what your body needs.”

I selected the gentle yet energizing oil, mandarin. The power of this essential oil being to connect you with the vitality and joy of a child.

To connect with our chosen essential oil, we took a few drops into the palm of our hands, rubbing them together then inhaling the fragrance with three deep breaths.

This oil connects with me greatly as I am 100% on the pursuit of happiness – consciously stripping myself back from material things to let life, freedom and joy in. I have never felt so joyous in my life! Three months of the trip of a lifetime will do that to you!

I hope the Weleda team like the drawing the essential oils inspired.

A holistic approach to health is at the heart of Weleda and it’s been something I have love most learning about on my journey.

I hope you’ve found some food for thought here! What has got you thinking?

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