‘Espace’ Paris – A retreat for the body, mind and soul

Getting spoilt with my Global Garden sisters in the City of Love

My Global Garden sisters – Lea (finalist from France) and Bea (Spain) were invited to join me in experiencing the Weleda range Paris style.

Us lucky ladies got to spend a night together in the City of Love with an indulgence session at ‘Espace’ – Weleda’s first show room in Europe where we could discover for ourselves our favourite colours, textures and scents.

So great catching with my Global Garden sisters Léa and Bea

Parisians have been getting just as spoilt as us since 2006, when Espace opened on a side street along the Champs-Élysées in Paris. It’s a neighborhood as luxe as the salon itself.

If you hadn’t already guessed it the French word ‘espace’ means space. Or even outer space. A perfectly logical name when you think about the feeling you have after your treatments.

Espace is located near the Champs-Élysées in Paris

Let the pampering begin

The Space

From the moment you walk into Espace you know you are in good hands. Light floods through the tall window panes into the ground floor of a building as elegant and approachable as the staff. But don’t for a minute think it’s stuffy or unapproachable – nothing is OTT here.

The rainbow of Weleda products line the walls

The rainbow of Weleda products, illuminated images of lead plants and the vibrant, striped interior makes you feel instantly at home. The floor to ceiling green wall and stone fountain connects you with nature and the tranquil atmosphere makes you forget about the busy Parisian streets just outside.

Sonia, director at Weleda Espace, Paris

Sonia, the Weleda Espace director greeted us before introducing us to our personal therapists before we were taken to our private cabins. She explained that:

‘The centre was designed as a way to showcase the Weleda products and allow people to experiment and play with them in a luxurious yet welcoming environment, at the hands of experts.” Sonia, Director Weleda Espace

Parisians have been getting spoilt at Espace since 2006

The French take beauty very seriously and the mix of feel good treatments, sustainable natural and organic cosmetics in the best location in Paris makes the Espace centre popular for locals and celebrities alike.

The Massage

I chose to have Arnica Massage Oil for my treatment – it’s a favorite of the top sportspeople from the French Institute of Sport INSEP to loosen up and rejuvinate their muscles.

Seems like it’s not just the athletes that love it, it was launched in 1939 is still a top seller today – a bottle of this calming, circulation boosting oil is sold every 6 minutes.

If its good enough for elite athletes its more than good enough for me!

The massage cabin

I loved how the warm light in the room felt as warm as the Arnica oil. The light allows us pamperees to recharge during our massages. I also loved that there are no whale singing or Tibetian bowl soundtracks here – no music is played in the salon or during massages.

Californian massage technique

It’s time to tune in and listen to ourselves.

My massage was as much of a world trip as my Global Garden journey. Slow, languid Californian massage techniques were used, followed by Swedish deep tissue techniques, India motions to increase energy and Korean vibrations to invigorate. I must admit I might not be able to report on all aspects of the massage… I dozed off for a while there.

Swedish deep tissue manipulation

The Facial Treatment

Now that my body was all chilled out it was time for my therapist to turn her attention to my face.

  • She began by gently cleaning my skin with make-up remover.
  • Next up… shoulder massage. As if they weren’t relaxed enough! Her hands moved up my neck to begin the facial massage.

‘The massage is just as important as the products. Just two minutes a day can make the world of difference”. Sonia, Director Weleda Espace

  • Her choice for me was the Weleda Almond Oil because my skin can be a little sensitive. I love this product, it feels light and hydrating at the same time. Then it was time for the mask.

Weleda don’t make additional mask products because the night cream in the ranges can be used as one.

  • Wild Rose Night Cream was applied thickly to my skin before my therapist left me to relax into it for 12 minutes. My skin needed it because when she returned the product was all gone – my skin drank it up!
  • If you haven’t already had the full body massage the therapist stays with you and gives you a hand and arm massage whist the cream works its magic.
  • The night cream mask in then removed, not that mine needed much removing! The Wild Rose Day Cream and serum was then applied to leave me ready for the day.

What I always find surprising

I love when I leave a Weleda treatment, my skin looks so much better even though not a drop of make-up is left on it – it looks radiant (even if I do say so myself). My skin looks dewier, plumper and the fine lines I wish weren’t there smooth out. I feel like I look younger.

Lea laughed when she saw all of us ‘Look at us with our baby skin’ she said!

My Global Garden sister Lea choose Lavender massage oils, I chose Arnica

What I’m learning about skincare

Debriefing after our treatments with our ‘baby skin’

I am learning that I need to make more time for my regime – not hours! Just to take a few minutes morning and night to massage my face with the products it needs. I tend to slap things on an off I go but I’m not doing the products or my skin justice. I’m definitely going to try and change this behavior in my routine!

What is the most unforgettable spa experience that you’ve ever had?