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2 product, 2 minute home facial

Massage is just as beneficial for our face as our bodies, but the morning rush sometimes makes us forget this.

Did you know that massage is just as important for our face as the products we use? I didn‘t but that’s what I’ve been learning this week at the Weleda Salon in Prague, Czech Republic -where I was lucky enough too experience a 90 minute skin retreat at the very talented hands of Weleda Beautician Míša.

Míša has created a 2 minute, 2 product facial for us at home.

As we both know full well, no-one has 90 minutes to devote to their skin every morning.

So we though we would show you how to do your facial –
in  2 minute with 2 products – easy!

“In our hectic time, we need to think about how much time we devote to ourselves. And to realize that how we feel inside unfolds on our skin.”  Míša

Products we will be using:

Don’t worry, there isn’t a a million products you need to be using! Just two.
We’re keeping this simple to get you out the door asap.

How to do that 2 minute, 2 product home facial by Míša

We are talking about 2 minutes and 2 products – yet three is the magic number here.

All massage moments are to be done three times – for the mind, the body and the spirit.

The first time allows you to discover the motion. The second time lets you live through the motion and the third time your will actually really experience it.

*apply techniques to clean, dry skin

Step 1: Acknowledge that these 2 minutes are for you

This time is just for you, don’t rush.

“It is important to define this as your time and not to hurry.” Míša

If you can, even perform your massage whilst you have a foot bath with a few drops of essential oils in accordance with your mood.

“When we relax, we soften and ground ourselves.“ Míša

If you really would like to indulge put a few drops of essential oil into a foot bath whilst you do the massage

Step 2: Squeeze an pea sized drop of Weleda Pomegranate Serum onto your hand and rub your palms together

Serum goes first as it is the more intense product – it deeply penetrates into the skin.

Rub your hands together and stop to smell the Pomegranate aroma from natural essential oils

Step 3: Apply Weleda Pomegranate Serum to your décolletage using your palm pushing from the centre out

Use your whole palms to push towards the face from the center out. Your left palm pushes right and right palm pushes left in a rythmn.
Repeat three times.

Start at your chest and move your hands up towards you neck.

Repeat three times.

Step 4: Continue the same movements up the neck

Firmly glide up the neck towards the face. Your left palm pushes right and right palm pushes left in a rythmn. Take your time to glide along the edges of your jaw bone.
Repeat three times.

Continue the massage up the neck pushing your left hand to the right.

And then your right hand to the left. Repeat three times.

Step 4: Glide your palms through the centre of your face

“Face massage is always done from the center of the face outward.” Míša

Bring you palms together pushing up along either side of the nose towards the bridge. Then allow your palms to lower and to separate as they follow the contours of your cheekbones, the apples of your cheeks then finally to follow your jawline before starting the process again.
Repeat three times.

Start at your chin

Bring your hands up to the bridge of your nose.

All your hands to separate and follow the contours of your cheekbones.

Then allow your hands to fall down your face following the contours of your jawbone. Repeat three times.

Step 5: Use your fingertips to circle the eyes

The third to fourth finger moves from the center of the face, out. With circular movements around the eyes, we stimulate the lymph.
Repeat three times.

Using your third and fourth finger circle the eye from inside out.

Circle the eye gently three times.

Step 5: Repeat the same moments using a few drops of Weleda Almond Facial Oil

Sprinkle a few drops of the Weleda Almond Facial Oil into your palms. The serum penetrates deeply – the oil and a few strokes of your newly learnt massage techniques helps it to relax.

Repeat the same movements with Weleda Soothing Facial Oil – perfect for sensitive skin.

Step 6: Tickle the skin.

“After smoothing you skin with the serum and the oil its time to wake it back up.” Míša

Lightly tap your fingertips across your entire face. When we drum the skin lightly like this we stimulate collagen fibers and we strengthen the skin. Pay attention to drumming across the apples of your cheeks, we all want more collagen there!

Lightly tap your fingertips across your entire face.

Step 7: Tug the skin to activate collagen production.

Gently get your fingers in a pinching style motion and pluck at the skin. Take care to pluck around the cheeks and the jawbone. The most elasticity there the better.

Use your fingers in a pinch like movement.

And pluck at your skin, especially the cheeks and the jawline.

Step 8: Pressing the pressure points

Finally, we will do the acupressure.

Start at the center of your chin, squeeze for 1 second and slowly release for 1 second with your fingertip.

We repeat the same procedure at the corners of the lips.

At the nose.

In the jaw arch, under your cheekbones.

Lightly pulling on the ear lobes.

Lightly pressing in the outer eye sockets.

And finally on your third eye.

And you‘re done! This blog was nearly as quick to read and write as the 2 product, 2 minute facial itself!

Thanks so much for teaching us some new, quick tricks Míša.

Give yourself two minutes to try it for yourself. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Elisabeth Stenger says

    Es ist eine Anleitung sein Gesicht zu suchen,
    zu entdecken und zu spüren
    und zu wahren und es wieder zum eigenen Gesicht zu machen.
    I think it`s like looking for your face
    feeling your face outside and yourself inside
    and to make your face belonging you again.

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