100 minutes of natural bliss

Sit back and relax. Settle in for 100 minutes of skin therapy at Zoetermeer, Netherlands.

I don’t think I will be getting much sympathy when I tell you that my Weleda ‘work’ for today involved experiencing the unique 100-minute skin retreat. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it! But, I’m your tour guide whilst we wander the world of Weleda, so it’s my role to bring you here with me. We’re in this together remember.

The session starts with choosing your scent

Let nature work its magic 

  • Step 1: Settle in, choose your scent and let that guide your body balancing therapy. (20 minutes)
  • Step 2: Pure intentions only – the in-depth cleansing has begun. (25 minutes)
  • Step 3: Submit to the experience – a cream mask and lead plant a massage will let you drift away (35 minutes)
  • Step 4: Slowly come down from Cloud 9 – the final stages awakens the body bringing you body back to your senses.
    Total length of treatment = 100 minutes of natural bliss.

Welkom bij Weleda

Walk with me up the garden path of to the Weleda Skin Salon in Zoetermeer, Netherlands.

Walk up the shell encrusted path to the Weleda Salon

As you walk through the Weleda Zoetermeer show garden you see the beauty of nature well before you even step into the salon. Cue soundtrack of birds, bees and the soft hum of the windmill nearby.

Wander your way down the shell encrusted walkway and imagine that only a short while ago this was actually ocean land. Now, over 250 plants are grown on the reclaimed soil, just some of the biodynamic, medicinal plants that are waiting for you in the Weleda Skin Salon.

Weleda lead plants are more than product ingredients, they also inspire the techniques used to apply them.

Wellness in progress

It all starts with nature.

Weleda believes that it’s only nature that can offer the best to care for our skin and to maintain its balance. Their inspiration comes from nature itself so it’s only seems right for the Skin Salon to be surrounded by the very ingredients that are inside. Each brings their own unique effect and also the technique for how it’s to be applied. Through careful observing what happens in nature, nature itself taught Weleda how to support and reinforce the processes in our skin. Now it’ our turn to learn how.

The spa treat were developed from the nature in the Zoetermeer garden

Wellness in Progress

Tranquility sets in with an introductory foot bath

Tranquil music plays as you settle into the faux fur covered armchair. It’s a sunny day and the fresh breeze floats through the open door whilst sunlight dances on the hardwood floors of the airy room. The hardest thing you’re going to be asked to do is to choose what smell you like best… Almond? Wild Rose? Iris… or maybe Evening Primrose? What did you choose?

Now, lift those feet and let them glide into the warm footbath in front of you.  Let the pampering begin.

Your senses have guided you to your treatment.

The scent that you chose determines the main active ingredient in the treatments you are about to enjoy and also the way that it will be applied.

Jan, the ‘Nature Manager’ for Weleda, Zoetermeer who you met during the Primula Harvest has studied the natural plants that are going to be used in your massage. And together with the skin therapists, have converted these plants into gestures too.

The gardeners and the Weleda skin designed the treatment gestures together

The plant choose what gestures are to be used

The spiritual elements of the plant is turned into the movements your therapist Lidy will use to create your holistic skin experience. The rhythmic gesture she uses and the healing effects of the lead plant combines on the human body and the skin. This is where the magic lies.

You will feel each gesture three times. The first time allows you to discover the motion. The second time lets you live through the motion and the third time your will actually really experience it.

Three is an important number for Weleda… for the mind, the body, and the spirit. 

The rhythmic gestures brings the lead plant to life on your skin – it’s time to ask yourself?

What do you feel?

  • What do you feel?
    Do feel that light pushing on your arms? That reflects the stems of the Wild Rose. Feeling sleepy? I’m not surprised. I think I drifted off over 7 times, my little snore jogged me quickly and embarrassingly back into the reality… not for long though! What does your mind’s eye see as you drift in and out of sleep?
  • What are you experiencing?
    Does one side of your body feel softer than the other? Of does one feel thinker and stronger? Can you feel the pressure of your therapists whole hand or the smaller pleasures of the pads of her fingers pressing on the cushions of your toes.
  • What can you see?
    In your mind’s eye, can you see your hair is fanned out on the pillow? Lidy is removing your tension as if this is the roots of a plant or tree. Your hair looks exactly like this, roaming in a multitude of directions as Lidy gently massages them back to your scalp… to the surface, your ‘earth’.

Welcome back from Cloud 9

A Weleda tonic reawakens the body with Vitamin C

If your imaginary experience was anything like mine, those 100 minutes flew by. I didn’t want them to end and it felt like I could sleep for days on the table where I was.

I’m no stranger to spa treatments and massages but this felt special.

A big thank you to Lidy for an amazing experience

Usually I liked ‘big treatments’ strong massages, I like to ‘feel like its working, instantly’. Big hot stones, stronger scents, harder pressure but this treatment made me appreciate the smaller things. The softer massage. The subtle scent.

I’ve learnt that not all things need to be big and dramatic to make a large impact. Sometimes treading more gently takes your to a whole different place, maybe one you haven’t been to before.

 What skin treatments to you use to give your skin a retreat?



  1. Ingrid says

    I love the red line granaatappel, pomegranate. Very relaxing and the smell maken me happy.
    Hope you’d a great time on kingsday.

    • Lauren Doolan says

      I’ve been trying that out too. Really like the serem! It’s funny how the scent guides you to the one that’s right for you:)

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