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The Global Garden journey. Here we go.

Pack your bags, let’s wander the Weleda World.

From March to June it’s time to embark on a carbon-neutral journey to eleven Weleda bucket-list worthy locations around the world. Colourful pomegranate shrubs in Italy, gardens 1200 metres above sea level in Argentina…. I get excited just thinking about it.

Weleda Global Garden is a modern-day version of the Roman ‘Grand Tour’. A journey of curiosity, exploration and discovery learning all about the stories and people behind Weleda. Let’s experience each Weleda location together – including biodynamic gardens, sourcing projects, biodiversity projects and anthroposophy. Together, we’ll meet the gardeners and growers, learning about the natural plant ingredients, bee projects, spa treatments, and Steiner himself.

Calendula flower in Schwäbisch Gmünd

‘I’ll be your virtual tour guide – your eyes, your ears and your hands so you can discover the Weleda Global Garden whilst I do.’

But, before we get started I bet you want to know where we are heading.



• Sydney / Australia                                               • Havelock / New Zealand

• Buenos Aires / Argentina                                  • Sao Paulo / Brazil

• Zoetermeer / The Netherlands                       • Ilkeston / United Kingdom

• Arlesheim / Switzerland                                    • Huningue / France

• Stockholm / Sweden                                            • Prague / Czech Republic

• Tuscany / Italy

Let’s get this show on the road. I’ll see you out there.



    • Lauren Doolan says

      Thanks so much for following along! So glad to have you with me. New post coming soon!:)

    • Lauren Doolan says

      Thanks so much! There are so many fun ones up Weleda’s sleeve.

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