Weleda Garden, Stockholm 01.-06 May 2018

The art of gardening has a long and evolving tradition in Sweden. This can be experienced at Rosendal Garden in Stockholm. The former palace garden cultivates biodynamic gardening practices and shares its knowledge through educational programmes for children and adults.

Living life in ‘Lagom’ – Swedish for ‘Just the right amount’

Lagom is a Swedish word for ‘just the right amount’ – not too much, not too little, just right’ It’s the Swedish art of living a healthy balanced life. I’m halfway through my trip and I feel like I’m the Goldilocks of Global Garden – I finally feel like I’ve found my ‘just right’ – my balance. Sweden has been teaching me a lot this week about the importance of equality. And equilibrium. At the start of my journey my balance was way off… I’m the type of person who doesn’t want to miss a moment, especially on the trip of a lifetime. Or to not share all the new and exciting things I was learning with you guys either – I promised to be your eyes, your ears, your hands on this trip, I didn’t want you missing a moment either. I was writing to crazy hours of the morning and getting up soon after. But now I feel like I’m starting to hit my stride, my moderation, my balance. The Swedish art of …

Freedom to roam

Sweden believes its ‘Everyman’s right’ to enjoy nature. The ‘freedom to roam’ is the principle, protected by the law, that gives all people the right enjoy their natural environment. The north is mostly wilderness, foaming rivers, high alpine peaks and plains, while the south is rolling countryside and never-ending beaches. East lies Stockholm with its wondrous archipelago and the west is rocky coastline, islands and giant lakes. No wonder Swedes spend as much time as possible outdoors – most having rustic country cottages to helps them leave the week behind and escape into nature. Sweden – The land of the free Sweden is a country built on freedom and openness – the foundation for creating an equal society. Everyone has the right to take part in demonstrations, freedom of speech, free press, the right to challenge those in power as well as the openness to enjoy all areas of nature regardless of ownership. These healthy-living locals can have a cookout in the quiet forest, sleep on mountaintops, take a dip in the pristine the lakes, …

Pollution and solutions for the Baltic Sea

Going beneath the surface of the Stockholm Archipelago with WWF to find out how plastics and micro plastics are effecting the Baltic Sea. I’m in the Archipelago of Stockholm, Sweden. Nearly 30,000 islands, inlets and rocks make up this rugged landscape in the Baltic Sea. The water here is so calm, like a bathtub but without a plug hole – it takes over 30 years for the water to cycle through which means a lot of the pollution gets stuck here. I’ve been talking with Ottillia Thoreson, Program Director for WWF Baltic Eco Region Program and local sailing veteran and Föreningen Allmogebåtar Maritime Museum guide Ulf Johan Templeman about pollution and solutions for the Baltic Sea. ‘By 2050 our oceans will contain more plastic that fish by weight.’ WWF The Baltic Sea is in trouble. Even after a decade of the adoption of the first Baltic Sea Action Plan reports show there have only been a few improvements. ‘I am a sailor since the beginning. The fish used to be really fish. The fishing is …

Hi from Lauren

Hi everyone. I’m Lauren, an Australian blogger also known as Micro Adventurist. And I’m the lucky winner of the Weleda Global Garden competition. I’m an endlessly curious blogger, camera in hand, hunting out the most exciting, soul soaring, bite-size adventures in my own backyard of Melbourne and beyond. It’s my mission to help people explore the outdoors, to inspires us all to disconnect the phone, reconnect from nature and escape the ordinary. ‘I can’t wait to your virtual tour guide of the Weleda Global Garden. I’m honoured to be your eyes, ears and hands so you can experience and learn all about a world leading manufacturer of natural and organic skin care and anthroposophic medicines whilst I do.’ I hope you come on the journey with me. Bring the adventure on! Love, Lauren