Weleda Garden, Huningue 16. May – 20. May 2018

The garden in Bouxwiller is nestled in the foothills of the Jura Mountains. Surrounded by conventional agriculture, it is an oasis of biodiversity. Despite the garden’s relatively small size, 70 medicinal plant species are cultivated here.

Ethics at work

This week I’ve been seeing new ways that Weleda lives up to their motto – ‘In harmony with nature and the human being.’ As I leave the Weleda France team in Huningue, I can’t help but reflect on my journey over the last two months. One thing that I see time and time again in each country is new ways that Weleda shows their commitment to treating humans and nature in a responsible and caring way. This week wasn’t all production and garden tours, I also visited two very special places at Weleda that I’d love to share with you. Weleda Crèche – ‘The Heart of Kids’ The human family is the center of Weleda, it comes naturally to them to want to meet the needs of parents and offer them a childcare option that adapted to their needs. Weleda decided to create its own nursery, not just for plants but for children too, near its headquarters in Huningue, in the Haut-Rhin. The crèche name means ‘heart of Kids’ and is designed in the shape …

Wandering the Weleda garden of Bouxwiller, France

If you want to be happy for a lifetime, be a gardener. Seems to be the case for Pierre Kappler, Head Gardener for Weleda France and Switzerland. He has worked in the 1.5 hectare biodynamic gardens in Bouxwiller, France for over 17 years. Pierre grew up in gardens. As a third-generation gardener, he grew up in a greenhouse operation and was even born in the farmhouse on the private garden he manages today. He completed his apprenticeship in biodynamic agriculture 17 years ago in collaboration with Weleda and the Goetheanum. 4 gardeners assist Pierre to tend the gardens where over 40-60 medicinal plants are grown. These are harvested in the morning then delivered to Weleda where the production laboratories process the plants by the afternoon. This is why Weleda has its own gardens. To make sure high quality raw materials are close to their production sites to guarantee the quality of the products. As we walked through the gardens I interviewed Pierre for a green gardening book that is in the pipeline. I enjoyed talking …

The human being at the heart of homeopathy

Learning about the unique homeopathy production in France with Jean-Michel Libion Weleda France has been making over 1200 prescription and over the counter medicines for more than 25 years – including granules, oils, creams, suppositories, ampules, oral drops, ointments, eye drops and injectable solutions. They are all produced in France in the Huningue laboratory through a mix of automation and human processes and are adapted to the individual needs of patients. The plant to production process Weleda’s approach to natural medicine remains the same today as it did in 1921  Jean-Michel, Dr. Pharmacy and Prescription Medicine Development Manager at Weleda France. He is a trained pharmacist who has worked at Weleda for over 30 years, the perfect person to show me around the Weleda laboratory and share what makes homeopathy in France so unique. There is a permanent search to find a balance between humans and nature – between what we can expect in terms of health and benefits and what nature can help us with. From the fields where the plants grow, the dynamisation of mother …

Hi from Lauren

Hi everyone. I’m Lauren, an Australian blogger also known as Micro Adventurist. And I’m the lucky winner of the Weleda Global Garden competition. I’m an endlessly curious blogger, camera in hand, hunting out the most exciting, soul soaring, bite-size adventures in my own backyard of Melbourne and beyond. It’s my mission to help people explore the outdoors, to inspires us all to disconnect the phone, reconnect from nature and escape the ordinary. ‘I can’t wait to your virtual tour guide of the Weleda Global Garden. I’m honoured to be your eyes, ears and hands so you can experience and learn all about a world leading manufacturer of natural and organic skin care and anthroposophic medicines whilst I do.’ I hope you come on the journey with me. Bring the adventure on! Love, Lauren