Czech Republic

Weleda Garden, Prague 30. May – 04. June 2018

From Prague, it takes about an hour to drive to the birch groves in Soběslav in South Bohemia. Our pickers here go without the help of a ladder, as they collect a limited number of birch leaves from each tree. The protected, organically certified wild collection areas also provide a home for birds, insects and small mammals.

Hi from Lauren

Hi everyone. I’m Lauren, an Australian blogger also known as Micro Adventurist. And I’m the lucky winner of the Weleda Global Garden competition. I’m an endlessly curious blogger, camera in hand, hunting out the most exciting, soul soaring, bite-size adventures in my own backyard of Melbourne and beyond. It’s my mission to help people explore the outdoors, to inspires us all to disconnect the phone, reconnect from nature and escape the ordinary. ‘I can’t wait to your virtual tour guide of the Weleda Global Garden. I’m honoured to be your eyes, ears and hands so you can experience and learn all about a world leading manufacturer of natural and organic skin care and anthroposophic medicines whilst I do.’ I hope you come on the journey with me. Bring the adventure on! Love, Lauren

What to expect on the trip of a lifetime.

There are many quotes along the lines of ‘No expectations, no disappointments’. But there’s no need to worry about that when it comes to the Weleda Global Garden trip. People have asked me what my expectations are for the trip… and to be honest I only have one. And that is to grow. A lot. Weleda, anthroposophic medicine, biodynamic farming not to mention film making, photography and editing are all new worlds for me. ‘My philosophy is to expect nothing and appreciate everything. To give everything my 100% best go and to be grateful for every step of this journey.’ Just because I’m trying to go into the trip without expectations doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have them! The Weleda team have got a great line up of experiences planned. I can’t help myself but share some of them with you. So, feel free to have great expectations… you will not be disappointed. Sydney / Australia Students will become the teachers when we learn about the importance of protecting nature’s hardest working pollinators at the Weleda …